Radio Fair Play Action

At the present in Australia our Copyright Act that dictates how much artists are remunerated through commercial radio play is very outdated.  This act is over 50 years old and states that commercial radio only needs to pay artists 1% of their total gross revenue.

Some figures:

Last year commercial radio grossed over $700 million in ad revenue.

Last year commercial radio paid $4 million dollars to artists for music.  That's 0.4% of their gross revenue.

This is due to an outdated system, however we can take action.

Write to your local Member of Parliament today and demand this Act be updated to reflect international standards - commercial radio pays between 1.5-4% of gross revenue to artists.

I have written a template you can use here.

Then google your electorate and local MP to access their email. 

Email template for your convenience:


Dear [MP],

I hope my email finds you well.

Please find attached a letter regarding the current Radio Fair Play legislation.

As it stands, it is outdated and unfair to artists and music makers.

I would like you to support this change in higher levels of parliament and see Australia’s commercial radio remuneration for artists be at the forefront of the world standard.

Kindest Regards,




To learn more visit the PPCA's page on Radio Fair Play.

If you need help finding your MP contact hit me up on this contact form.

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