Carbon Offsetting

What is Carbon Offsetting?


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Spoiler - it will most likely cost you less than a carton of beer.

How to offset your next release:

I have created a tool, specifically for musicians, to give a guide as to how to calculate the carbon your project creates, and then I give you a meaningful way to offset it through supporting Nth QLD Conservation not-for-profit, Rainforest 4.

This tool is completely FREE however you can support me and buy some of my carbon offset merch so I can continue to evolve and improve this guide (also make more music!)

 Offsetting your next single:

    Do the math:

    Access some numbers and metrics via this link to help you calculate how much carbon you generated through the recording and release process.

    To help you out with an example, below are the carbon calculations for my latest single, Fly Like A Bird.

    Missing anything?

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